Nintendo Switch Presentation

The Nintendo Switch has finally been officially announced with a release date and it is less than 2 months away. Nintendo organized a very well two-day event packed with announces and information for their new console. I thought the presentation had for fans many great reasons to be excited about the Switch and several legitimate causes for concern.

Hardware wise, I am very impressed by the what the Nintendo Switch has to offer to gaming as both a home and portable gaming console. I am no expert in hard manufacturing cost, but I am skeptical on their focus with motion control. If motion control prevented a lower price point or features to improve its portability then I believe Nintendo made a huge mistake.

My major concern is that they went after the wrong third-party developers. I can think of 4 games right now that are already out that people would love to play on the Switch. Rocket League, Overcooked, Gang Beasts, Towerfall, and Videoball would all be great games that you can play on the go with friends. They already have the audience and credibility to make them succeed on the Switch and are games still being played.  

I understand and respect the hardware limitations, I am not asking for games like Mass Effect Andromeda on the Switch. That won’t be a problem since that isn’t its true strength. As long as there is a steady stream of great games being released they will be fine, but Nintendo can’t do this alone. Indie developers are best positioned to take advantage of the hard limitations and portable functionality of the Switch

I truly believe in the Switch’s ability to be a portable high-quality gaming experience is an extremely compelling reason for all types of gamers to get this console. All gamers would benefit from being able to let their friends enjoy the games they play at home anywhere. I truly hope the Switch is successful but I think the launch window is currently a major missed opportunity.