Games Most Excited For In 2017

I haven’t seen a game this stacked with amazing games in a long time. I will actually be keeping many weekends to myself so I can play at least some of these games when they come out. While I know I won’t get to play them all this year doesn’t change the fact that I am super excited for them this year.

Persona 5

Unfortunately, this game has been a game I have been looking forward to way too long. I had it on my list as the game I was most excited for last year but the English version got delayed.  I probably would have gotten the Japanese version if it had English subs. No problem though since I am patient and want Atlus to get this right. Now since we have an official date here is hoping to no more delays.

Red Dead Redemption 2

I actually never played Red Dead Redemption last generation (Nor can I right now thanks to PS4 lack of backward compatibility) but I do know that this game was one of the best to come out that console cycle. Hopefully, I can get to play the first before playing this game but I have no intention of missing Red Dead Redemption 2 this console generation so who knows.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn just looks gorgeous but also mysterious. The world in this game is asking to explored and the mysteries to be solved. I got to play this game at E3 and left me with even more questions. Though since this game is a new IP I am making sure not to hype it up too much but I am very much keeping it on my radar and can’t wait to hear about it when it gets released very soon.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Another game series I never actually got to finish last console generation. Though what I did play I absolutely loved but alas college had much more pressing issues to attend to. (Common EA HD remake of the original trilogy) I am actually surprised this game hasn’t been spoiled for me. I can’t wait to hear more about this game when it comes out soon though hopefully nothing gets spoiled for me.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I got in line 2 hours before E3 was open made sure this was the 1st game I played this year. I knew this game was going to be something special and that E3 demo sealed the deal.  I will be buying a Nintendo Switch this year just to play this game. Going around in that open world as Link was absolutely breathtaking. There are 2 games I will for sure complete this year and that is Persona 5 (I seriously waited a long time) and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.