My Top 5 Games of 2016

My Top Games of 2016

What a year for gaming for me was it for 2016. I actually got to play a good amount of games ranging from alright to amazing. Some were let downs and others were complete surprises. So let’s jump right into it in no particular order. 

Pokemon Sun/Moon


I haven’t played a Pokemon game since generation Sapphire and Ruby. It’s been a while and a lot has changed but many for the better. Many of the systems added are greatly appreciated, in fact, the only thing I miss is the Gym Leaders. Overall this Pokemon game is extremely fun and something I enjoy playing when I am traveling.

Pokemon GO

This game surprised me in every single way. I did not expect this game to be something I would get into or something that the entire world would go crazy over. While the game itself isn’t that great it didn’t matter because of the social phenomenon it created. So many times going on errands or hanging with friends would me and my friends bust out our phones to try and catch Pokemon and see random strangers do the same exact thing. 

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 


I love the Uncharted series and this game didn’t disappoint. This game delivered everything you would expect for the finale of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series. (No spoilers it’s in the title) Can’t really talk too much about it though because it is the journey to that finale that makes the game so rewarding. If you love this series you owe it to yourself to play this game.

The Witness


I am absolutely horrible at puzzle games yet The Witness was able to grab me and keep my attention. I got so into this game I went out and bought graphing paper to help me solve the puzzles in this game. The puzzles can get very difficult but are never unfair which makes them extremely satisfying when you complete one. No matter how stuck I get I can’t help but solve it even it means taking a break and letting my mind just think about it.


Whenever I am stressed out I jump on Overwatch and play a couple of games which can turn into many hours. I am terrible at shooters and have no desire to play them in today's online environment which makes Overwatch perfect for me. I can contribute greatly to my team by playing as a support and tank and it is still incredibly fun for me.  This is my go-to game when I have a couple minutes of free time.

Other Notable Mentions

Job Simulator

If I want to show my gamer friends what VR is like this is the game I show to them on my PlayStation VR. 

That Dragon, Cancer

This game made me cry but it was beautiful.


What a special game but some parts were just too scary for my coward ass. 


Talking with Delilah was brilliant and made exploring the forest serene.