Trying Out The Nintendo Switch

I was fortunate enough to try the Nintendo Switch at the Genesis 4 tournament in San Jose. Thank you Nintendo America for hosting Arms at G4, it was a great fun playing the Switch at one of the biggest Super Smash Bros Esports events in the world.

The game I got to try was Arms which used the motion control of the joy con. This game was very fun and easy to pick up. It reminded me of the Wii sports boxing but with a lot more depth. Precise motions could create various actions which translated to deep gameplay. Blocking, dodging, and unleashing special moves all felt very natural.

While Joy-Con motion control was cool it was not a game breaking experience. As much fun as I had with Arms I don’t think enough games will take advantage of the motion control to justify the added cost for the Switch. Only a few first party games will probably take advantage of it and even fewer third party. Adding motion control when gamers and developers didn’t care for it is why Xbox One is so behind.

The Switch itself has a great price for its ability to provide an exciting home and portable console experience. This is a very capable machine by all measures that many games will be great on but it's the price of the accessories which I think is pricey right now. Though the Switch is great out of the box some accessories are almost necessary for hardcore gamers and those costs are adding up.

Nintendo Switch is looking like it will be a fine console even with this small shortcoming. I am sure many great games will be made exclusively for the Switch I just doubt many will take advantage of the unique features of the Joy-Con.