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When I first started doing blogs I had every intention of writing every major event I went to. This year I privileged to go to way too many that I realized I can’t be writing about them all. I write mainly for myself so I can improve my writing skills but there were months where I was gone every week for an event.

Writing is a good way for me to practice thinking at a more critical level so when I do discuss what I thought about this demo or this news release I can be much more thoughtful. That is the very reason I love going to conferences like GDC and E3 so much. I love meeting professionals in their field and talking to them with their knowledge and experience. Learning more about the inner workings of how the entertainment I love is such a privilege.

Many of the people I meet are surprisingly not bored about the questions I have for them. The VR from the developers of Oculus, Morpheus and Vive all exciting told me about the discoveries they find from making a VR game. I watch more eSports then I do sports so hearing from the leaders in the industry about the challenges they face is so entertaining.  Even the anime industry has been so kind to me even though I am as casual as it gets.

Meeting fans is also a huge blast. Events like Anime Expo, PAX, EVO, Blizzcon, and PSX are great events to go to because not only do I get the chance to talk to professionals but I get to talk to fellow fans. As a fan myself I love talking to people about the entertainment I love to consume. Almost all the time I learn more about games and anime from them because of course, I did, there will be fans out there that know more than I do.

I loved meeting all the people I got to become friends with and learning more about all the entertainment I love to consume. I never felt so exhausted but so happy at the same time. 2015 thank you.