My First E3

I will forever regret not going to the PlayStation Conference. When I am on my death bed I will remember the chance of going to the conference and turning it down for fear of being turned away at the entrance. Still, this E3 was absolutely amazing so congrats to all hard work of everyone in the industry.

This was my first E3 and man was it exciting. It started with getting to see the extravagant Bethesda press conference and ended with hanging out with so many friends new and old. When I got to experience the closed door theater experience for PlayStation I realized I was watching it with Phil Spencer. Once the showcase was done outside was the Uncharted team ready to greet him and to ask him what he thought. So many people in this industry are so down to earth.

I got to play many different games and demos like Star Wars Battlefront, For Honor, Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. I was actually surprised by how much I got to experience given that I wasn’t press. I have so much respect for the press that has to work not only during E3 show floor hours but in morning and night too especially since so much happens at night too.

In terms of announcements, it goes without saying Final Fantasy 7 remake announcement is what blew me away. I honestly didn’t think this would ever come out and I was proven so incredibly wrong.  Like I said one of the regrets I will carry with me until I die. Still, Nintendo brought news for their fans and Microsoft showed that they are ready to turn the ship like Sony did with the PS3.  

Couldn’t imagine a better first experience at E3 then this year. I am super excited for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Horizon, For Honor, Fallout 3, and Star Wars Battlefront are all games I am super excited to play hopefully soon. I know not to hold out hopes for no delays but I am ok with delays for these games if it means they do it right.