My Top 5 Games of 2015

I did so much traveling in 2015 that I didn’t get to play that many games. Still, the few games I did get to play were amazing and it did help that many were short experiences.  In no particular order is are my top 5 favorite games of 2015.

Rocket League

This game is super easy to jump into and always turns into a blast. The concept is quite simple but is great to play with friends. Unfortunately for me, I jumped into this game a little too late so everyone is at an insane level online. Even my friends can do jumps that I could never do. Still extremely fun though because of course driving around in a car and playing soccer is.

Fallout Shelter

While I didn’t have time to play Fallout 4 I did have time to play Fallout Shelter on my phone. This is a great mobile game and without any of the drawbacks of most mobile games like always online or the need to pay to succeed. I haven't spent a single penny but this game has convinced me to eventually get Fallout 4. A great simple game to play go plus I can play on the plane without wifi.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

The original StarCraft is probably one the most important games to have impacted my love for gaming. It should come to no surprise that I enjoyed this game even though I will never be good at any RTS let alone StarCraft with its intense APM required. While nothing can ever replace the memories I had as a child playing StarCraft it did tug at many of my nostalgia strings seeing many characters I haven’t seen in forever. My Life for Aiur (Protoss is my race ^_^) 

Emily is Away

Emily is Away is a game that every single gamer that grew up with AIM should play.  You have no excuse since it is free on Steam and super short. I can’t say anything at all because it will spoil it, but for kids that grew up in the 90’s this game brings back so many memories of growing up using AIM to talk to my friends in school.  YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME!
Life is Strange

Life is Strange is amazing. I love games that focus on story and this game does what it sets out to do. Since this is set in a high school this game can get pretty cheesy and I mean cheesy, but none of that mattered to me because I still cared about the characters. Besides my teenage self can’t help but remember how I was back then. Man, I am glad to never have to go to high school ever again.

Other Notable Mentions

The Beginner’s Guide

Can’t really say anything without spoiling besides this game surprised me.

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad

This game was stupid in all the right ways


Wow, this game gave me the feels and I didn’t even beat it yet.