Favorite Games of E3 2014


I got to be in LA during E3 and man was it a blast. This is just a list games that excited me the most that I saw in person or online during E3 week. Evolve

I was lucky enough to play Evolve at the Nvidia event that was right outside of the convention center and let me say this game was amazing. I can see how this is the will as addictive as Left 4 Dead, but with more depth and also the ability to play as not just a zombie, but the ultimate boss. When I played I was matched up against four friends who already knew each other. Lets just say I didn't last very long. I still had an amazingly fun time being the alien monster because it was refreshing gameplay.


I am a sucker for creation games since I loved LittleBigPlanet. I don't even normally even create anything, but I love seeing what other players make. They can do all the effort and I get to enjoy the fun. I remember back in the day where I ended up playing more StarCraft Custom games than StarCraft ladder games. Just something about the creativity of what players can make is just really fun, plus with streaming the possibilities are endless.

Rainbow Six Siege

Counter-Strike was the game that got me into playing online FPS. Now that online shooters have completely filled the gaming market it is very nice to be able to see a shooter that takes a different take on the genre. This game has a lot more tactics and strategy than most shooters which is primarily based on skill. I still enjoy a mindless shooter, but I am not as skilled as other gamers are. So a game where my ability to think at a more strategic level gives me a much higher chance of doing alright. Plus from the looks of it the ability to work as a team will be as streamlined as possible which is always a great sign for any online game.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U

Nothing really needs to be said as to why anyone that plays game would be excited about this game. Simply enough Zelda is one of the most iconic games of our generation and it is always great to see where the series will take itself. What is most exciting is how they are designing this game to be as revolutionary as the jump to 3-D with Ocarina of Time. I know we always hear how that will always be the case, but hearing the designer talk about it the way he did gives me a lot of help especially when he explained the challenges they faced and are facing.

No Man's Sky

Of all the games at E3 this is by far the one I am most excited. The only redeeming thing about VGX was to get to see this game for the first time. Now to see it again that it has still extremely piqued my interest is an impressive feat. I love new types of game and the focus of this game on exploration is something that extremely interests me since Journey is one of my favorite games of all time. If this game pulls off what it intends to do than this will be a great thing for the industry a a whole.