E3 Assumptions


I won't be making predictions just assumptions about what Microsoft, Sony, and the major game publishers will be telling us at this years E3. These assumptions are a mix of what I think these companies will do and what they should do. Price Cut for Xbox 360 and PS3

Microsoft and Sony should both cut the price for their older consoles. PS2 sold amazingly well even well after both the 360 and PS3 were released. The difference is that the 360 and PS3 both have even more features than the PS2 ever had. Being connected to the internet and being made for the ground to take advantage of multimedia these devices are still very relevant to families that don't have a Smart TV or any kind of internet based device connected to there TV. Plus they have an amazingly large library of games.

More Games with Cooperative Play 

We saw it with Destiny and The Division last year.  The rise of the power of technology will make it very possible for more games to incorporate high levels of online interactivity and perpetual worlds. They have to since that is the greatest strengths of free to play games.  AAA game need to show what they can do when they are given big budgets and fans that are willing to spend much a lot more to play.

Next-Gen Exclusive Games

Last year it was understandable for the lack of truly exclusive Next-Gen games. It didn't make much financial sense to make games exclusive to a market that hasn't even  been realized yet. Though now we know not only are core gamer's hungry to play Next-Gen games, but the excitement is growing faster than any previous generation change. It is now up studios to meet those expectations. It will be hard because last generation delivered with many amazing games and to many the change to the next generation isn't that different. It is time for studios to prove everyone wrong.