The Soldier's Securetary


Robert Gates the 22nd United States of Secretary of Defense memoirs Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War was an amazing book about a man that had the responsibility of handling a country military affairs during a time of two wars. This was surprisingly a big page turner for me as this was a extremely well written account of his time in the Department of Defense.

Don't like politics and won't talk about it. World is complicated and I understand and respect that. I study history and if there is anything you learn about humans now that how we organize our society is just an extension of all the amazing and horrible feats that humans are capable of.

What I loved about Robert Gates is his devotion to the troops that he was in charge of. He felt absolutely responsible for their safe keeping and understood each advice he gave and every order he signed would put them at greater risk. In fact the reason why he resigned was he started to understand he put the needs of those very soldiers in front of the national security of the U.S.A. I

This honesty is in this book made me believe most if not everything he said. Without a doubt this is a biased book because of the fact that humans are biased. There is no going around that, but I do not doubt where his loyalty laid. It was to the troops he was so proud of and felt the need to protect.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in US foreign policy , because this book gives a great behind the scenes look at the person in charge of one of important government organization that has without a doubt shaped the 21st century through much of our own fault and not.