Thank You NIS America

It has been five years since my first NIS America press event and what a journey it has been. I got to meet so many amazing people that have become valuable friends. I have been going to NIS America press events for 5 years straight now and so much has changed not just for me but also NIS America.

I owe a lot to NIS America since they are the first major publisher I got to create a relationship in the gaming industry. It would become a relationship that would transform into years of friendships across multiple companies. I am forever grateful to everyone I got to meet and am always glad to see them throughout the years we have known each other. 

When I first went into the press event back in 2014 I honestly did not know much of what NIS games were or who I would end up interviewing but I did as much research as I could. The only big game I really knew was Disgaea series but I would quickly find out about the fan following that was Danganronpa.

I got to interview with the president of NIS America Souhei Niikawa and game producer of the Danganronpa series Yoshinori Terasawa. Since I didn’t really know too much about their games I asked questions I thought would be interesting such as the drinking culture in Japanese business.  

Then I got to become friends with the employees at NIS America even as I left gaming journalist to do gaming events. Danganronpa and Hyperdimension Neptunia series would become so big that they would create their own publishing studios in America and with it, I got to see my friends build whole new companies. 

Even after most of my friends at NIS America have moved on to different companies I am happy to still have great relationships with people at NIS America even after all the changes. It is always a pleasure running into you all at various events such as E3 and Anime Expo. 

Thank you to all the friends at NIS America former and current for all you have done. I am excited to create many more memories with you all and look forward to seeing what you all will continue to do. I will see you guys all very soon I am sure of it.