Games Most Excited For In 2018

Last year was too amazing when it came to the amount of incredible games. This year I only have a few big title games that I am interested in since I need to focus back on my friends that I neglected too much last year. I am lucky that many of my friends were also playing a lot of games.


Spider-Man is the game I am excited for most this year.  He is one of my favorite superheroes ever since I was a kid watching the cartoon. I am also a big fan of Insomniac Games just in general and know them to make great games.  I am just really excited to see what they plan to do for this Spider-Man in this game universe and how it will all play out. Hopefully, it comes out this year but I can wait so take your time Insomniac.

Red Dead Redemption 2

I actually never played Red Dead Redemption so I probably shouldn’t be as excited about this as my friends are, but I love Rockstar Games so I want to give this a try. I didn’t get to play Red Dead Redemption because I was in college and just didn’t have time but I will make sure to not miss it out this time. The good thing about Rockstar is I know I will most likely appreciate it.


Thatgamecompany created Journey, one of my favorite games. Journey was such a beautiful game for me that I knew I would be excited about their next game even without knowing what it would be. My curiosity has certainly been maintained and Sky does look to be another beautiful experience. Hopefully, it eventually comes out on other platforms besides Apple platform, but if anything I will borrow one to play it.


I own a PSVR and been craving for a virtual reality experience that won’t give me a heart attack. Moss I hope will give me that fill. While the PSVR can be cumbersome to setup I do believe in the unique experience virtual reality can give. I honestly don’t know why this virtual reality game has me so excited but this game has me willing to bring out my PSVR just to play it.

Kingdom Hearts III

I will be very surprised if this game actually comes out this year. I am more than happy to wait and want it to be delayed if they think it will lead to a better product. Even though I have no idea what is going on with the story that is not why I love playing Kingdom Hearts. Only Kingdom Hearts can get me to play a game through its style, art, and music.