The Best E3 Demo Ever

Another year of games and amazing E3 content. This is now my 2nd time at E3 and was by far a way better experience than I could have imagined. Granted I only have been to two so there isn’t much to compare plus I learned a lot of mistakes from last time that I didn’t repeat. I am so glad I got to experience it again.

This year I got to attend the Bethesda press conference, my first Sony press conference, and demo amazing games like Horizon, Killing Floor 2, and For Honor. There is really so much I could talk about but there is only one thing that stood out from the rest on how amazing it was, Don’t get me wrong that isn’t a knock on everything else, but just a testament to how amazing this was.  

I am of course talking about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Wow was every single detail about this experience amazing. Not only was this the best experience I ever had at any E3, but for any gaming conference, I have ever attended. Everything from the design of the booth itself to the demo was on point and fit well into the vibe they were trying to pull off.

The booth was designed to make you feel like you were in the game with the forest open world feel. It was in a huge enclosed area with the floor made to look like grass, the walls like the vast horizon, and the support structure like parts of a temple we all are familiar with. No matter where you looked you were reminded of the vast open world of this game and man did the demo deliver that too.

Getting to explore the world in Breath of the Wild is reason enough for me to get the new Nintendo system. The game looked stunningly beautiful and seeing far into the horizon mountains that I could explore just made me so giddy with joy. This game looked to have so much to explore and find.

The world wasn’t the only thing that got me excited but the different ways you could play the game. I put a bomb on top of a tower I was on and next thing I realize I was being blown off falling to my death. It felt like the stupid shenanigans I did in Grand Theft Auto but with style of Zelda like throwing a bomb and using my magnet to move it on top of an enemy camp.

Thank you E3 for another great experience and thank you Zelda: Breath of the Wild for showing me the best game demo ever.