Virtual Reality Has Finally Arrived

If last year at GDC was developers seeing the possibility of VR, this year was seeing developers putting it all on the table. I saw so many different types of VR games from the classic action games to creative world creation tools. VR has evolved so much in just a year since GDC last year that is shocking that is going to be released this year.

I got to try so many awesome VR demos that have only more solidify my belief that VR will become a vital part of the gaming industry when it is released. I have been a firm believer in VR for years now, but the amount different types of experiences in VR is just totally mind blowing. PS VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive all have something unique about them for anyone interested in VR.

The coolest thing I got to try was the Birdly experience by SOMNIACS. Being attached to a machine having wind blown into your face as you fly around was terrifying in the best way possible. When I first jumped off the building to fly I thought I was falling. To have the feeling of then flying and the emotion of soaring through the buildings was an immersive experience I hope everyone gets to try because it is what VR is all about.

Seeing what developers are learning and discovering about VR is exciting. While virtual reality is not new in any way it is in completely new territory. The level of technology that is available now on all the VR platforms and the talented developers that are taking advantage show that everyone is taking the complexity of developing of VR seriously.

It is so surreal to know that VR is coming out so soon, in fact, this month for Oculus. It will be so interesting to see how the industry changes with the release of VR if there are any noticeable changes at all. I truly believe VR is here to stay, but I am not sure how and if it changes the gaming industry