Important Video Game Trends In 2014


Some of the largest internet companies in world spent millions if not billions buying video game companies last year. Gaming is already a huge industry, but these purchases by these large companies was great news for the industry. Many of the changes that Twitch, Oculus, and Mojang brought are now given the resources to test their limits even further. When Microsoft bought Mojang for $2.5 billion dollars it showed how viable the indie game path was. Here is a game if 10 years ago you suggested to a publisher would have thought you were crazy. Now it has become one of the popular games of all time and it hasn't even hit it's stride yet. It has introduced a new way of playing games where the objective of the game is limited by your own creativity. The best part is that this audience of new type of gamers are all young, which means that when they grow older, game companies will have a whole new way of making games to tap into a completely different market.

Oculus being bought by Facebook for $2 billion dollars gives hope to the potential that VR might be able to bring. Having tried Oculus Rift myself I was sold on VR when I played a demo of Dark Deception. I screamed like a little girl since I felt that I was there when I walked down a maze to be jumped by a monster. I want VR to be successful and I think Facebook is a great company to become partners with. Facebook understands that VR is much more than just gaming, but can also be a gateway to new world that the disabled, less fortunate, and those with illnesses can experience.

Amazon buying Twitch for $970 million threw me off a bitch.  I thought it would be Google not Amazon. I can understand why Amazon would want Twitch with the enormous amount of potential of streaming video games can offer.  Still what matters is that everyone is taking video game streaming very seriously. Who would have thought watching someone else interact with a product that was designed to be to interactive would draw such a huge audience. Many games especially eSports games are now taking into account how interesting spectating a game is into their game design.

2014 was a great year for games and I can't wait to see what 2015 brings.