Naruto: The End Of The Anime That Revived The Industry


Naruto Feature Wow I can't believe Naruto has finally ended. Naruto has been in my life since the days when I started breaking out of my awkward teenage years. It was also the perfect show too, since its theme of hard work with determination, being yourself, and friendship is one that can easily be forgotten in years of going through high school.

That is what I loved about Naruto. Though anime tends to cover pretty serious topics, Naruto did it in a very entertaining way with a great plot, characters, and setting. It is what brought me back into anime and made me much more open to more types of anime expanding my openness to all types of shows I glad I kept an open mind to. It is also how I learned to binge watching series.

Even though Naruto in the later series did not live up to the quality that I enjoyed when I first be I will forever be grateful for all it has done for me. I know it is quite silly to hold a show to the standards as life changing, but I can't deny that it helped shape many views I have about the world now. For that I am not ashamed since I truly think Naruto was an amazing piece of art.

I will wait until the anime completes to explain what I thought was so amazing about it in another post.  Who knows maybe the anime will make of changes from the manga that will change certain opinions I have. For now I just needed to write a thank you to a great series that brought me much enjoyment.