League of Legends arrives in Asia


League of Legends World Championship has finally arrived and kicked off this weekend in Asia. Arguably the biggest game in eSports is finally hosting their World Championship in the capital of eSports.  The group stages will be held in Taiwan and Singapore. The final match will be held at the Sangam Stadium, the same stadium where the 2002 FIFA world cup was held at.

What a way to show how big you are than by having an event held at the same stadium for the largest sporting international championship, FIFA World Cup. Football (soccer) is an amazing game and has the largest following in athletic sports. Extremely popular in over 200 countries and watched by over 3 billion people, football popularity is the dream of any sport.

While League of Legends is not anywhere near that level, having your finals at a former FIFA World Cup stadium is a very strong statement. Also they don't need compete, just like how many people love to follow multiple sporting leagues, many can enjoy both eSports and physical sports. They are different games offering different and intriguing levels of strategies, offering much great spectacle for those to enjoy.

Riot hosting Worlds in Asia is long coming, but well worth the wait considering the bang they are making. South Korea is a great choice since eSports was the birthplace of professional competitive gaming thanks to Starcraft back in the day. A global phenomena should get the global treatment. While it does mean late night game watching for the American audiences, increasing the international popularity of League is much more important.

I wish so much I could have gone to Worlds this year in Korea. Having studied abroad in South Korea and watching my 1st eSport event at the Yonsei University, GSL Finals for Starcraft II, I know first hand how amazing eSports is in Korea. Loving Seoul and eSports that would have been a trip of a life time. To all that will be there have fun and I recommend checking out the nightlife in Hongdae.