Microsoft buys Minecraft


Honestly, Microsoft acquiring Mojang for $2.5 billion dollars is something that took me by surprise. Though by surprise I mean when I heard about the rumors last week I believed them, but was just shocked that Microsoft would spend that much and Mojang was willing to sell. Happy for Microsoft and the very talented people at Mojang though. Markus Persson had a totally reasonable reason for selling Mojang. If something you love has turned into something too big for you and there was a lucrative way out by all means take that out. Minecraft has changed gaming without a doubt and obviously Markus Persson couldn't have been prepared for the enormity of it, I mean who could have.

At first Microsoft buying Mojang $2.5 billion dollars seemed a little high for me. With the recent acquisition of Twitch by Amazon for $970 million, I thought Microsoft was overpaying with that price tag. Also the fact that Minecraft is on many other platform devices, including rival competitors like Sony PlayStation. If Microsoft devices cut support on other devices they risk angering the wrath of gamers, the scariest consumers demographic, but Minecraft gamers who are some most passionate and vocal players.


Building games have been in the industry for ages, but how Minecraft used communities like Twitch and continually supported it has made this game into one of the most important games to come out this generation. Minecraft just has something special about it that has made this game a game changer the same way StarCraft did to video games. One only has to study the history of eSports to realize how fundamental it was in changing the industry forever.

Then I realized Minecraft has not even closely reached its maximum potential.   Minecraft is a generational game that has changed gaming forever. There is a massive following of extremely young gamers that will have grown up with a game that isn't about winning but solely around creating. Many games have tried to perfect this art but since Minecraft got it right and right when video streaming content has exploded.

I wish the best of luck to Microsoft with managing something so massive and all the talented developers at Mojang.