Why I Hate Politics



House of Cards Season 2 came out and dang was  I satisfied.  I won’t discuss storylines, so don't worry I won't spoil anything.  If you liked House of Cards Season 1 you should definitely watch the new season.  Francis Underwood is entertaining and mischievous as ever.

Though Francis Underwood is fundamental deception is why I hate politics. The tactics he uses to manipulate people are corrupt and disgusting. Granted they get things done, but at a cost that in many ways don't seem worth it.

The tactics being used by politicians right now will always be defended with it is just the political reality. This frustration I thought was portrayed in one line very well, “You ever wonder why so many people hate Washington, it is because of people like you using phrases like that.”

The deceptions used are almost never beneficial to the very people or nation that elected these powerful figures.  Some of acts are just shy of treason but as someone will say “Just shy. which is politics.”

It is one thing to witness mischievous calculations through the eyes of Francis Underwood.  It is another when it is used in real life at the cost of the people.  House of Cards is a powerful show that makes you loathe and be charmed by politics.

As an American, when I look at Washington I get so upset since the games politicians play comes at the cost of regular people trying to just provide for their families. I understand the complexity of many different ideas conflicting and causing strife , but much of the noise seem to be more about politics than differences.

My hate for politics does not transfer to the government. While I may disagree with a lot of what it does, I have seen many times the actions of many government organizations helping to make society better, such as Phoenix recently solving chronic veteran homelessness..

People have the ability to accomplish so much when they work together to solve problems. Across the America right now organizations, governments, private companies, and everyday people are working together to make this country a much better place. Its just unfortunate that politics tend to impeded that growth.