How to do a Video Game Awards Event


DICEAwards Host

I will never watch another Video Game Awards show hosted by Spike because Academy of Interactive & Science just showed me how Video Game Awards Events should be done. The opening speeches by hosts Freddie Wong and Felicia Day made you feel like this show was for video gamers.

Freddie Wong and Felicia Day were both great hosts because they actually liked gaming and understood gamers.  Freddie Wong created an online TV series based on a videogame school and Felicia Day has both acted in video games and well just watch her streaming with Day[9] and you will understand why she was chosen.

All the comments and all the jokes were done in a way that made sense to the audience that was watching.  It wasn’t just the gaming community but the online community in general.  The hosts understood the visceral online community and used that to their advantage when pointings jokes at the Twitch steamers watching the event live. I can take jokes pointed at me especially when it is witty and true.

This event was also about appreciating the many great games developed.  Games have become such an artist form of entertainment that even though I personally thought The Last of Us deserved all those nominations I could totally see why someone would think other games deserved it.

Gamers are probably the most passionate fans in the entertainment industry.  We interact with our medium more than any other art form.  While all forms of art are absolutely amazing, the ease of interacting with games creates such strong connections  for so many people.

What makes gaming so amazing is that we shape our experience.  A director , writer, or musician have a path they want to take you on.  For many games that path given is much more a garden to play in.  While the garden may a controlled environment it is still at our discretion on how to interact with.

D.I.C.E. Awards did what a Video Game Awards Event is suppose to do and made me feel like love for video games mattered, by appreciating the developers that worked so hard to perfect the art and the games themselves.  While video games are not bringing world peace, one only needs to look at the Roman Colosseum to understand the importance of games and entertainment in society.

The Romans were able to built the longest Empire known to history, because they knew people needed more than just food and protection.  Though the Colosseum was also built by slavery, corruption, and death, but that is a totally different discussion altogether.