League of Legends Season 4 is here!



League of Legends Season 4 is now here in America and Europe. What an exciting year it has been for League after a very successful Season 3. Riot saw League grow to such amazing heights that it sold out Staples Center in just hours. I know I always bring up that fact but it is important to understand this is the place where the Lakers play. What more to show the growth of eSports than having the finals in the largest Los Angeles indoor sports arena.

As someone who has played League of Legends before they even had seasons I am amazed and proud at its success. In fact I have been playing MOBAs since the days of Warcraft III with Dota. Spirit Breaker and Bounty Hunter were my types of hero back then when it was all about the carries. As a community and as a game Riot has created a product that continues to evolve for the fans.

Season 4 for saw changes in the meta of the game with much attention to junglers and supports. Personally I have always preferred to play characters that helped the team such as tanks, crowd controller, or healers. Sona was one of favorite champions I ever got good with so the changes to support is really appreciated. Many support champions saw changes in their abilities and stats to balance the changes to the over game.

Changes to support are now items that are designed specifically for those a role that normally don't have access to much gold. Since their role is to support their partner in lane and giving them all the creep gold. Now there are items and masteries that efficiently helps with gold deficiencies to help supports get more items so they can contribute to their team even more. This will give supports a buff and hopefully open the door to more variety.

What also changed is now that warding is a team effort.  Each champion is only allowed to place three sight wards and one vision ward on the map. That way it is not all up to the support to provide vision of the map. This makes having vision of the map much more team focused and strategical. Each time will only be allowed at most 15 wards and many champions won’t have the gold or room.

What hasn't changed is how the game is still really inaccessible for anyone that doesn't have four friends to play with. The online world can be a harsh community that is amplified when teamwork and skill is required for winning.  This problem is not limited to just League but any community where you are paired with strangers and anonymity is allowed. All Riot can do is reduce reasons the most common reasons teammates would be angry at each other.

One can’t talk about Season 4 without talking about what is happening in the eSports scene. The first matches in America and Europe started this week. The studio where they are hosting the American series is actually in my hometown of Manhattan Beach which is really convenient. I won’t have to worry about finding a place to sleep since my parents place will always be open to me if I ever choose to come down to SoCal.

The matches themselves were very entertaining. The first match between Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 in America saw a lot of rivalry. This season Team SoloMid has a new team member with Bjergsen formerly from Ninjas in Pyjamas a European team and Cloud 9 has recruited Reginald own brother as a coach. I can't even imagine what family dinners must be like.

This season just started and Riot are still working to bring even more features. Teambuilder is a feature that lets you pick a role you want and match you up with a team. Not too much has been revealed as of yet but what is important is people getting to play the role they want. Too often has this been an argument between teammates that lead to bad games.

We all have been in those games where someone doesn't get the role they want and just leaves. It is horrible even when it doesn't happen to my team since I don't get the real practice I need. I am quite horrible too so I need the practice but against real players that give a challenge so I can learn from my mistakes.

I am personally very excited about League of Legends this season. As a support player not only will I enjoy the changes but I will also enjoy watching my favorite support professionals. This season will be about giving even more to fans across the globe. If you are into League of Legends you can expect another great year filled with amazing content, features, and amazing competitions.