"The Square" One of the Best Documentaries I Have Seen in Years



If you want to watch a movie about something astonishing that is happening right now around the world, you must watch “The Square”.  The world first watched as millions of protesters went to the streets of Egypt protesting for change in 2011.  That was only for beginning of change for something that is going to take decades.  This is the up close in the crowd perspective as this story is still being created.

The problems in Egypts are too complicated to fit into any film.  The films real focus is on the many people that are taking to the streets, risking their life, and using their voice.  You will get to see many different perspectives and different views from what happened when people first protested and had a president step down to when they did it yet again and had another president removed from office.

This is great perspective since most of us were not able to see it in person.  Even though film or news media can never truly portray what Egyptians felt during all of this since all Egyptians don’t all feel the same thing.  You will see just a glimpse of what some people went through and are still going through up close.  Still seeing through the eyes of some individuals who were so passionate about change is a fascinating sight.

“The Square” starts off with the protests that brought Hosni Mubarak to step down.  I was actually surprised how they decided not to show much the violence that occurred during the first initial uprising that killed hundreds of Egyptians.  I actually had to go home and check the order of events just to make sure I didn't confuse them.  I understand why they started on such a hopeful note though.

Millions of Egyptians for the first time in generations were able to change of course of their country.  That sight must never be forgotten because that was the first sign of hope many ever got to see for the first time.  Seeing Egyptians with different beliefs and backgrounds together celebrating and chanting for freedom.  The faces of so many people lite up with smiles and eyes filled with hope.

Though just like any human event where people that struggled for decades the aftermath wasn't going suddenly just turn everything to way millions of different people wanted.  Still nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see.  As an outsider watching years ago I knew there was violence and turmoil but it is one thing reading about it in an article or hearing a news anchor talk about it.  It is another to see people dying through the lens of a video camera.

So many astonishing moments were captured in this film that opened my eyes even more.  The film tries to build a connection to some of the revolutionaries as you hear them speak directly to the camera.  It adds a much more human element when you see them crying or hiding a wound when going home to visit their mother to not make them worry.

Tahrir Square is the main setting of this story since it has such a symbolic meaning to the activists of Egypt.  While most of us who watched this unfold from the outside will never completely understand what is going on, "The Square" does a great job of putting faces on those that were there at Tahrir Square.  I highly recommend this film to anyone that loves learning more about our world, because not only will you see an inspirational struggle but you will understand on a human side what is continuing to happen.

It is so saddening to hear that people are dying to try to change their country to be a better place, but also very inspiring that so many people are willing to take that risk for a better future.  From just a regular global citizen, I wish everyone in Egypt the best and hope that you will all be able to create a foundation to build your dreams upon.