Exploring Tokyo In Persona 5 and Reality

I had no idea Persona 5 recreated Tokyo and all its unique district so well. I have only seen the major districts like Shibuya and Shinjuku through shows and films. I couldn't imagine that playing Persona 5 and going to Tokyo this year would be such a parallel experience. I am so lucky I got to play Persona 5 and go to Japan this year.

When I first started playing Persona 5 I did not realize how close all the different districts off of their real-life counterparts. I just cared about hanging out with my friends in the spots I thought would increase our social ranks. Atlus purposely picked spots that were unique and distinct.

All the different hubs you can visit in Persona 5 capture the characteristics of each different district perfectly. Whenever I actually went to the real-life district I recognized it instantly because specific features the game put in to make it memorable.

My experience playing Persona 5 and traveling to Japan was enhanced because I was in the middle of playing it. I played just enough where when I did pass through certain districts I was reminded of my character increasing his social ranks.  When I got back I felt like I was back in Tokyo especially when a discovered a new place in Persona  

I am so glad my friend was getting married and that we decided to go to Japan to check out Tokyo and Osaka for his bachelors. My friends had been before so I was the only one that was experiencing this for the first time. It was made that much more special hanging out my closest friends and being reminded of a game that is about building strong friendships.