Diablos Immortals Reveal

During the beginning of Blizzcon, I was actually being super nerdy with my friends and waiting in lines to get rare merchandise. So I missed the opening ceremony which caused me to miss the Diablo Immortals announcement and also the negative reaction towards it.

I remember when I first was introduced to Diablo was a little kid by my aunt. My aunt was pretty cool to introduce such a mature game to a little kid but it got me into the Diablo series.  I have probably sunk over a hundred hours into Diablo games. I love this series and can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

So when I finally heard that a mobile Diablo game was going to be made my reaction was, that’s cool but I probably won’t play it. The only mobile game I find myself playing are ones that don’t require an internet connection or Pokémon GO. Nothing against mobile games but when I am relaxing on my phone I prefer to read about current events.  

Even though I am a Diablo fan that will probably not play Diablo Immortals I still want this game to be made. I want mobile gamers to experience what I have been enjoying from the Diablo franchise for years. Though making a game for mobile is extremely difficult and different and I hope the developers bring the same polish this series has been known for.

If Diablo Immortals turns out to be really successful this will only mean great things for the Diablo franchise. It will create a mobile option for Diablo fans and more importantly it will introduce many new gamers to the series. This is why mobile games are so important to the gaming community.

I understand the anger that many older gamers have towards mobile games. It can feel like all the production resources from gaming companies are going towards making mobile games and to be honest there is actually some truth to that. The reality though is we are at an age where so many developers are creating so many games across all different platforms.

When I was playing Pokémon GO with my friend during Blizzcon we ended up around Downtown Disney. We ended up at this one spot and ran into strangers that helped us win a raid and they started talking about Diablo Immortals. We didn’t even bring it up but they started talking about how they thought it was stupid. All I could think about was how we were all playing a mobile game right now.

Mobile games have created so many new gamers with many young gamers growing up playing their first games on mobile.  A generation of gamers that have only known mobile devices has entered our community and should be welcomed.

Gamers should be able to enjoy Diablo in as many different ways as possible. Whether it is playing Diablo on a PC, home console, Nintendo Switch, or even a smartphone. All that matters is killing demons and getting that sweet gear.