Final Fantasy X My Favorite PS2 Game


SONY DSC Final Fantasy 10 HD Remastering just got released and I am so excited. I probably won't play it anytime soon, but I will definetly one day because this was my favorite game on PS2, and there were a ton a great games on PS2.

I remember first playing Final Fantasy 10 with low expectations thinking that it couldn't live up to my love of games like Final Fantasy 10. I was scared that the voice acting would be bad and that the characters wouldn't be interesting. I heard of a lot of things about it that weren't great, but boy was I wrong.

First yeah the Tidus having dad issues was definitely a turn off until I realized how important it was at connecting the relationship between Tidus and Yuna. Tidus and Yuna I think was the best relationship in the Final Fantasy series. It felt pretty natural given what both of them were going through.

All the themes fit extremely well together to create such an amazing story. Having Tidus being an outsider to the world made discovering the world understandable. It also made the big secret about the Pilgrimage all the more surprising. When I found out I knew I was playing a masterpiece.

This game isn't perfect by any means, but I loved every minute of it. I could talk about Final Fantasy 10 for days, but I won't bore you with that. If you like RPGs and haven't played Final Fantasy 10 then I could not recommend a better Final Fantasy game to try.