If Money Wasn't A Issue


Just wanted to talk about a famous speech by Alan Watts.  It asks the real question of what you would like to be if money was not a matter of importance.  I think this is a really great question to ask oneself but I think this speech forgets one important reality.

Without a doubt we are all given only one life so no matter what we should all follow our passion.  Following your passions will help drive you to work hard and become a skilled professional.  The one problem is when you ask yourself what you would really want to do with your life can you honestly say to yourself you really know?

Life changes so much that telling yourself right out of college to follow your dreams is telling yourself you know what you are destined to do.  Many people actually do know what they are destined to do but for the rest of us we don’t.  Many people in fact spend most of their life not knowing what they want but still live a fulfilled life.

It is really easy to say to yourself follow your dreams but the hard part is finding what that dream is.  I don’t think many of us know it right out of college as most of us are still in a stage maturing and discover.  Something like your dream should take time to develop and most importantly evolve with yourself.

It is easy to be hear this speech and then cynically look at our education system and workforce as a bunch of people miserable.  Caught in a way of thinking that forces them to think about money and not to follow their dreams.  I personally see many of them following one of the best dreams ever, being part of a family.