Xbox One's Best Feature


Xbox One was released with its focus on it multimedia function with its ability to watch TV, and use other various other multimedia programs such as Skype and internet explore at the same time.  I went to a Microsoft store to see if I could try out their extensive features but oddly enough they didn't have it set up.

I found that a little strange considering the functionally appeals more to casual entertainment consumers than a gamer.  Don’t get me wrong Forza 5 looks gorgeous but even at the press event of the Xbox One reveal was their such a focus on the multimedia of the new Xbox.  This holiday season is the time to show it off to regular consumers that happen to go into your store.

I say that because the multimedia function has quite the potential to be an amazing feature of the Xbox One.  Especially for the consumers that are still are watching their programs through broadcast providers since the Xbox One providers a much more seamless experience.  No more do you have to switch between inputs to go from watching the football to playing football.

I only got to experience this from videos and but speaking on a more broad basis there is a lot of potential here.  The reason why the smart phones became so popular was it fit so many devices that we used to carry and compacted it to a more useful device in fact your smartphone can control your Xbox.  Having your living room experience all in one input device would make the experience much more enjoyable and convenient.

If Xbox One would be able to partner up with cable and satellite providers and provide subsidies like the mobile market you could see Xbox One expanding to even more homes.  With a much cheaper Xbox on the market one would assume it would gain in popularity and also keep more households with their broadcast provider being a win for both sides.

The only question is how relevant will cable and satellite television be in the near future?  Since 2006 when subscription was around 65% of US households has now begun to drop to around 55%.  With the rise of more affordable streaming capabilities one does not know how much it affect traditional broadcast providers.  Though the Xbox One also provides support for other streaming services so it has it bases covered.

Xbox One is a solid piece of hardware that has the potential to become the one box you always use on your living room.  No wonder why they called it the Xbox One.  With even more functions and features coming to this new device who knows what can be possible. Remember when smartphones first came out and we didn't realize the potential?