Miyazaki's Legendary Farewell


When I first watched Spirited Away I fell in love in such a magical world with such artistic beauty.  Ever since then I have been a huge fan of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.  I felt really fortunate to have been able to see an early screening before the American release next year. For my official review check it out at Anime Courtyard.

Don’t worry since this movie has not been released I won’t talk too much about the story line.  This is an experience I can't describe just one you have to experience yourself.  Really I just wanted to talk a little about some of the beauty Miyazaki film's have had on me and how they affected me emotionally.

With any Studio Ghibli film the art style and music is always creative and beautiful.  I will always remember the first time I saw a Ghibli film with Spirited Away with all the amazing color combined with the creative character model.   The scene with Haku flying away from the Shikigami will always be etched into my brain.

His films in my opinion always struck the right tone with serious and fantasy.  I remember watching Princess Mononoke thinking this would be a another sweet story about a child.  While it was about a teenager man did that first action scene catch me off guard.

As any fan of Miyazaki could notice was this guy was really fascinated with flying.  So many of his movies had someone that could fly in fact I can't think of one that hasn't off the top of my head.   The love that Miyazaki has with flying is shared in this beautiful tale.

You get to understand his love for flight in The Wind Rises since the main character, the real Jiro Horikoshi also has a love for flying and works to become an plane designer.  The beauty of flying is shown gorgeously in this film even though that very plane would later become one of deadliest weapons in World War II.

Though the story is about Jiro Horikoshi fascination with flight  I couldn't help but feel it was also showing the audience Miyazaki love with flight.  Not only with flight but Miyazaki’s own desire to follow his own dreams and passions which as an artist which I could imagine was not easy task.

Miyazaki's final farewell beautifully shows what inspired him through a medium that he best knows.  His art style has always been creative and gorgeous.  There were moments where I  smiled, cried and laughed at the same time.

What I also loved about The Wind Rises was how the main character was a young adult.  Miyazaki films normally deals with children, teenagers, or even a teenager who turns into an elderly adult.  While I love childhood stories Jiro’s story resonated with me right now since I am slowly turning into a young adult myself

Jiro struggles to achieve his dream at his age is something I can totally relate to.  As I am trying to find and follow my passions I could understand the hardships associated with it.  I really respected the characters determination to achieve his goals even given all the harsh realities happening around him.

I could talk about The Wind Rises or in fact any Miyazaki film for days but honestly if you loved his work just go see it for yourself when the official release comes out cause I know I will again.  I am extremely sad that he is retiring but what a way to go out.