Good Game Club @ White Walls SF


Good Good Club hosted an amazing event in the great city of San Francisco.  In an art gallery in near City Hall, there were tons of indie games on display for our exposure and the amount of creative games were truly awesome.

It was hosted at the White Wall gallery and with the amount of great games in the available time I had I could as usual only get my hands on a handful.  Here are a handful of great games I got to play during this event.

Forced was a top down survival action game.  When I played I was playing with three other and I can say playing as a team felt so natural and fun.  Easy to pick up but lots to master this game is cooperative simple fun.  It plays like other team survival horde games but since it is top down great to control.

1849 a game by Somasim debuted their new game they have been working for the first time.  It was a city building tablet game placed in good old 1849 California.  I loved seeing all the names of cities I knew and it reminded me how much has changed in Bay Area since the Gold Rush.  First the Gold Rush, aerospace industry, and now Silicon valley man California has had it great.

Extrasolar is a truly unique concept that blew my mind.  This was much more than a game but an out of this world experience.  Extrasolar gives you the opportunity to control a real life rover and take pictures with it.  While still in the works the project to the planet is already underway.  Anyone interested in space should definitely keep an eye on this awesome project.

VIDEOBALL was again on display at it was great to see it again.  The game was quite popular with the crowd always bringing in a full game of four players trying to score points against their opponents.  It is no surprise this game won audience favorite.

Tom vs the Armies of Hell a top down action adventure game.  You play Tom a regular guy stuck in the office life until one day demons invade your office because you know why not.  This game is funny and has a unique charm to it if you’ve ever worked in a office since I think we all had a fantasy up blowing stuff up in the office and now you can.

SounDrift is a really creative music game.  SounDrift hosted a ton of different types of ambiences in a game where you help create your own soundtrack.  You pick a level and how you interact in that level will create different sounds.  I loved the idea since I love sometimes just relaxing and creating beat even though I have no musical talent myself.

A Spire To The Gods is a turn based RPG exploration game.  The game is super easy to pick up and is great for that mobile in depth experience.  Exploring a new part of the dungeon is a simple tap but every move cost resources so it will still take careful thinking.  I loved how this game was built with the mobile user in mind.

The Novelist was personally my favorite game.  The game focuses on a novelist bringing his family to a new house and you control a spirit that can change their lives by understanding their pasts and changing the outcome of the story.  I thought it was a really artistic creative game that does a great job on storytelling

The last game I want to talk about is a game created from my old school UCSC.  Siege Breakers is a great crafting survival action cooperate game.  Surviving the endless hordes of enemies is so fun when the countless amount of strategies possible with all the tools available to you.

Good Game Club was a great event and there were many more games than the ones I got to play and talk about.  All the games at the venue are listed on their website so check it out for yourself.