Future of Mobile Games


I got to attend the Global Mobile Internet Conference today.  One popular theme that got explored throughout the many Global Game Stars panels was what the future holds for mobile gaming.  Discussing changes in funding, technology, and new innovative ideas that the industry is heading towards.

One big change is in funding that is more available to game developers.  It is no surprise with just in America you have half the population using smartphones and on average playing games for an hour.  The whole world is becoming more mobile especially in emerging markets so there are reasons for investors to take risks in game developers.

This is extremely intriguing since consoles are seeing an increase in indie developers creating content for their platform. In fact console makers next generation are increasing support for indie developers.  From allowing developers to self publish to promoting more content on the indie market.  It is interesting seeing how developers in both markets are adapting to the changes in their respective categories.

A cool thing to see was the increase in cross platform games.  While many games are ported across different platforms it was great to see developers talking about creating content that is tailored specifically for the devices.  Like Ubisoft’s The Division will have a tablet experience that can engage directly with console players.

This is a great idea since games are much more than the experience in the living room.  Games are played across the globe so they shouldn't just be played at home.  Technology makes the experience at home and mobile extremely different. If you have a integrated game that is tailored to the strengths of each device then you will have an addicting experience that is played all the time.

It was cool to see new technology being discussed.  Augmented reality is a cool concept that can really change all of gaming.  It is still too early to see how this could change how we play video games everywhere but there are so many possibilities.  The new types of gameplay possible when users are not restricted to a controller could lead much more engaging games.

I love games on both mobile and at home.  I don't think one is superior to the other just different.  What I love to see is when game developers use the strengths of both devices to increase community involvement in their games.  I believe strong community is the best way to sell content for the brand.  By providing content that the user can enjoy at all times will lead to that franchise being talked about all the time.