Impressive Xbox Game Pass News

Xbox Game Pass has announced that they will include all first-party Xbox exclusive games at launch. This could be a game changer but I remain cautiously optimistic since I still have my reservations about the subscription service model for video games. I remember thinking how PlayStation Now could shake up everything only to find out it didn’t but granted that was totally different circumstances.

This move by Microsoft was absolutely brilliant. While they are fine financially, I am sure Microsoft wants to make much more money out of their Xbox division. To do that they need to attract more gamers and grow their community. Changing Game Pass can revitalize interest in the Xbox by not just giving gamers access to much more of their library for great value but also show that they are committed to creating amazing first-party exclusive games.

Microsoft priced the game pass at $10/month which means enough of their users are only buying one Xbox first-party exclusive a year that they don’t mind losing the profits from their users that buy more than two games a year.  Even on PlayStation I rarely find myself playing more than two full first-party games in a year even though PlayStation has many more first-party exclusive titles.

If Microsoft can get many more users signing up for Game Pass and attract new gamers to buying an Xbox One then this will have been successful.  Not only have they profited but they would have expanded their market share. I suspect enough casual gamers will buy Xbox Game Pass that the number of hardcore gamers saving money won’t hurt overall profits.

With that said I am not sure that this will change gaming as we know it. I made the mistake of being a little too optimistic about PlayStation Now when it was first announced. Don’t get me wrong I am not calling PlayStation Now a failure by any means but it was not the momentum mover I initially thought it was going to back in 2014. I was much more young and naive about the pace of technology in my own self-defense.

Granted Xbox Game Pass has many advantages over PlayStation Now which is why I am sure it will do well. I am just not certain it will force Nintendo to create their own game pass or PlayStation to change PlayStation Now. Nintendo for one would certainly lose money at $10/month and if they go too much higher then no one will get it. The profits that Xbox makes would have to be pretty large for it to change the industry.

Who knows I am wrong all the time so I could very well be reading this in several years laughing again at how wrong I was. I hope Xbox Game Pass does immensely well and changes the gaming industry so that more people can afford to play more games.  

Thank You NIS America

It has been five years since my first NIS America press event and what a journey it has been. I got to meet so many amazing people that have become valuable friends. I have been going to NIS America press events for 5 years straight now and so much has changed not just for me but also NIS America.

I owe a lot to NIS America since they are the first major publisher I got to create a relationship in the gaming industry. It would become a relationship that would transform into years of friendships across multiple companies. I am forever grateful to everyone I got to meet and am always glad to see them throughout the years we have known each other. 

When I first went into the press event back in 2014 I honestly did not know much of what NIS games were or who I would end up interviewing but I did as much research as I could. The only big game I really knew was Disgaea series but I would quickly find out about the fan following that was Danganronpa.

I got to interview with the president of NIS America Souhei Niikawa and game producer of the Danganronpa series Yoshinori Terasawa. Since I didn’t really know too much about their games I asked questions I thought would be interesting such as the drinking culture in Japanese business.  

Then I got to become friends with the employees at NIS America even as I left gaming journalist to do gaming events. Danganronpa and Hyperdimension Neptunia series would become so big that they would create their own publishing studios in America and with it, I got to see my friends build whole new companies. 

Even after most of my friends at NIS America have moved on to different companies I am happy to still have great relationships with people at NIS America even after all the changes. It is always a pleasure running into you all at various events such as E3 and Anime Expo. 

Thank you to all the friends at NIS America former and current for all you have done. I am excited to create many more memories with you all and look forward to seeing what you all will continue to do. I will see you guys all very soon I am sure of it.  

Games Most Excited For In 2018

Last year was too amazing when it came to the amount of incredible games. This year I only have a few big title games that I am interested in since I need to focus back on my friends that I neglected too much last year. I am lucky that many of my friends were also playing a lot of games.


Spider-Man is the game I am excited for most this year.  He is one of my favorite superheroes ever since I was a kid watching the cartoon. I am also a big fan of Insomniac Games just in general and know them to make great games.  I am just really excited to see what they plan to do for this Spider-Man in this game universe and how it will all play out. Hopefully, it comes out this year but I can wait so take your time Insomniac.

Red Dead Redemption 2

I actually never played Red Dead Redemption so I probably shouldn’t be as excited about this as my friends are, but I love Rockstar Games so I want to give this a try. I didn’t get to play Red Dead Redemption because I was in college and just didn’t have time but I will make sure to not miss it out this time. The good thing about Rockstar is I know I will most likely appreciate it.


Thatgamecompany created Journey, one of my favorite games. Journey was such a beautiful game for me that I knew I would be excited about their next game even without knowing what it would be. My curiosity has certainly been maintained and Sky does look to be another beautiful experience. Hopefully, it eventually comes out on other platforms besides Apple platform, but if anything I will borrow one to play it.


I own a PSVR and been craving for a virtual reality experience that won’t give me a heart attack. Moss I hope will give me that fill. While the PSVR can be cumbersome to setup I do believe in the unique experience virtual reality can give. I honestly don’t know why this virtual reality game has me so excited but this game has me willing to bring out my PSVR just to play it.

Kingdom Hearts III

I will be very surprised if this game actually comes out this year. I am more than happy to wait and want it to be delayed if they think it will lead to a better product. Even though I have no idea what is going on with the story that is not why I love playing Kingdom Hearts. Only Kingdom Hearts can get me to play a game through its style, art, and music.  

My Top Games of 2017

2017 was the year of the video games. I haven’t played this many amazing videos in one year since I went to school and I can’t stop smiling about how amazing this felling was. I felt like a kid staying up late in summer to just play video games. I embarrassingly admit I took out a good chunk of time from hanging out with friends to play video games but I knew 2017 was the year I had to. So here are my five favorite games on 2017.

Persona 5


I waited so long for this game but it was so worth it! This is one of my favorite games I have played in years. Persona 5 best captured what it is like to play an anime. This game melds style, art, music, story, and character together to create an experience that anyone that is a fan of anime would love. This game isn’t just a game for anime fans but anyone that loves a really compelling story with captivating characters.

What I love most about Persona are the relationships that you make and how much I care about them. I laughed as we banter about high school problems and cried with them when they are going through heartbreaking pain. This was achieved so well in the writing and what makes it so unique is that since I am the one developing these relationships they feel like they are my connections.

The game I am most excited for now is Persona 6 and that is without knowing absolutely anything about it other than the studio is probably working on it right. Persona 5 was so good that I can’t wait to see what the next in the series bring. Take your time Atlus but just know that this game more than any other is the one I am most excited for.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild



Breath of the Wild is one of the best games I’ve ever played in my entire life. It brought childhood memories when I was waiting for school to be over so I could go home and play video games except it is work this time. Probably not a great thing to admit, but hey I always get my work done and it took a game like Zelda for me to have this moment again.

I loved exploring this world and discovering things on my own. What made it so magical was how it used its open world so well. So many games say that everything you see can be explored but this was the first to not only deliver but make the steps to get their fun. I didn’t realize how impactful that difference would make since I’ve played open world games before like Grand Theft Auto to the very recent Horizon Zero Dawn.

Zelda Breath of the Wild has a beautiful world to explore. When I played this game at E3 I knew I knew that his game was going to be something special and am so glad that it met my expectations. All the hype that this game got was well earned. Now if only they had a better save system because I would totally play this game again if it didn’t mean losing everything I earned in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn was the most technically beautiful game I got to play last year and it was also a ton of fun. I knew Sony wanted this game to be a franchise game but was so surprised that the first game felt so complete when you finished it. It could have left so many questions but it answered most of them while leaving just enough for you to want more.

This is the most technically graphically game I have ever played and the team at Gerullia deserves so much praise. Not only do the graphics look amazing but the art made the world breathtaking where traversing the landscapes was enjoyable from just looking at the amazing details and colors. How they were able to able to get the draw distance to look that amazing blows my mind even after watching the video they released explaining how.

I normally get overwhelmed by massive open world games but Horizon was able to balance the expansiveness of its world with a path that was always easy to follow. I missed out so many massive open world games before because I felt so lost which is totally my fault but still unfortunate. I can’t wait to see what Guerrilla does next in the world of Horizon.  

Super Mario Odyssey


There were so many times Super Mario Odyssey was able to give me an uncontrollable smile and I don’t even like platformers all that much. What can I say, I am just not that great at video games even though I play a lot of them.  The infamous Nintendo polish though is able to refine this game to the point where pinpoint skill only enhances the experience.

Mario 64 was the last 3D Mario game I played so it has been a long while. If you loved Mario 64 you owe it to yourself to play Super Mario Odyssey to see where Mario has come since his first debut in the 3D world. In fact, that game has so many homages to past Mario titles that it reminds you how long Mario has been contributing to the gaming world.   

Super Mario Odyssey is one of my favorite games to play on the go since I don’t have to take it too seriously. I can just pick up and play just having random fun around the different levels. My favorite level though has to be the Metro Kingdom and platforming around the city. I remember when I first saw it thinking that the humans looked too ridiculous but now I just can’t get enough of interacting with them.   

Doki Doki Literature Club!


I am not a fan of horror games and unfortunately for me, I knew that this game would one. What I didn’t expect was for me find the courage to finish the game. After I finished the game I found myself watching hours of YouTube videos of people playing the game and finding hidden secrets a coward like me couldn’t find.  

Doki Doki masterfully played with my expectations even when I was expecting the worse. It had the ability to drive my curiosity with its unique storytelling interaction. It messed with my mind in ways I haven't felt since playing The Stanley Parable. I want to say more but the less you know the better this game will be.

This is a game I can recommend to anyone that is open minded. Personally, I would never judge a game for its art or because it's a dating game, but the reality is people do. It’s a shame too because they miss out on some of the best experiences in all entertainment. For the amazing price of free and just a couple of hours, you can have your mind totally shocked.

Other Notable Mentions

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

The phenomenon that is PUBG is a game that every online gamer should play. I don’t even like shooters all that much but this was something special. I enjoyed this game thoroughly and see why it has exploded among the competitive community.

Emily is Away Too

Emily is Away earned itself in my top 5 favorite games in 2015 so I was excited to play the sequel. If this game didn’t come out in one of the best years of gaming it would have probably also been in my top 5 favorite games.

A Normal Lost Phone

If you want to play this game and are open to unique different experiences then play this game on your phone. This is the only mobile game I ever paid for and it was totally worth my purchase. The less said about this game the better.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

When I heard about this game I knew I wanted to play this game. I love the themes that this game explores and the characters are all filled with depth to create a great interactive story. Not to mention all the amazing cosplay that came with this game.

The Year of The Microtransactions

While this year was amazing for video games we cannot ignore all the anger video game fans had towards microtransactions. Many of the anger is justified since many companies poorly implemented them without thinking about the core fundamentals of what makes them work. Given the need to maximize profits and that it has worked for so many developers some games tried implementing them to disastrous effect.  

I understand the frustrations many have to bad microtransaction but I also do understand why so many developers need to find ways to generate more profits. Running a business is hard especially in entertainment when you have so many forms of entertainment to compete with from shows, movies, to music. It’s why we see movies taking less risk and shows focusing on longer series.   

Even video games are competing with so many different types of video game experiences. I am not even talking about video game genres but ways to pay and play video games. Free-to-play is probably the biggest reason why video games don’t cost more than $60 and for good reason. Many free-to-play games provide a service that so many gamers are more than satisfied to fill their gaming needs with, I mean just look at Twitch right now and see what the top games are.

We have many more gamers than we ever had but we also have games that are endless thanks to many games that consider themselves a service with the constant amount of updated content. I mean just look at World of Warcraft a game in which some players have had characters they created go through over 10 years of updated content. That is something only possible because of passionate fans supporting that world.

Gamers are the most passionate fans since we interact with our entertainment more than any other medium out there. Our interaction with games shapes the experience which is why our opinions are not only important but necessary to create the best interactive experience for everyone. It is why most games go through user testing and open betas.

Which is why when creating games as a service you have to be extra careful to make sure you don’t upset your fans. Whatever you are selling has to be something that the fans are ultimately alright with paying for. That will differ from game to game and audience to audience. It is extremely hard to predict how fans to react to certain revenue models but in this day it can make or break games.

One of the most effective ways to make sure that this is done right is through communication. I remember when World of Warcraft decided to sell character level boost for $60. This is an expensive purchase that significantly affects gameplay, but Blizzard communicated to their player base why it had a high cost. They wanted players to still value leveling up but since Warcraft had become so massive they did want players to have this option.

Just look at The Game Awards 2017 and all the games nominated for Game of the Year. Every single one of them had in-game content that could be obtained through additional purchases. PUGB had loot boxes, Zelda and Mario had Amiibos that affected gameplay, Persona had character skins, and Horizon Zero Dawn had a whole new region to explore. All were done in a way where the player bases did not feel taken advantage of.

While I understand most of the frustration is around loot boxes one has to understand that these practices have been around. Magic: the Gathering is always the best example that people point to because of how successful it was. You can see these are predatory but understand that to the fans of Magic it was an extremely enjoyable experience that so many fans were willing to support regardless of the buying method.

No one is forcing you to support methods that you do not agree with and choosing not to support can be an effective way to change behavior. Communicating clearly is another reasonable way to affect change since many developers are listening. Using methods that can gather support from not just fellow fans but also other developers is how you change games from using certain practices because at the end of the day we are all gamers.

Games are changing due to many different circumstances and personally, I think that is a great thing since it leads to innovation.  We have so many options of games to play that if you honestly do not want a game that has additional in-game content then you have a trove of other games to play, many created by independent developers who would love the support. Just understand when developers do choose it is so they can survive.

The Amazing Launch of The Nintendo Switch

The Switch has been released for almost a year now and what a time it has been. The Switch has had quite the successful launch year by most measures. The pace at which the Switch was able to sell consoles at was so impressive. For many developers, it would become the best system that they had sales on due to so many gamers craving for amazing content.

They have been selling out units almost into the holidays which was made better by how much software it was able to have in its launch year. I thought that now would be a good time to look at the excitement and concerns I had before the launch and see if they had any merit.

One of my major concerns about the Switch was the lack of third parties being initially announced but man was my concern misplaced. Indie games have come out in full force to support the Switch and more surprisingly even large publishers like Bethesda has shown to throw its support behind them. With the support from third-party Nintendo was able to have a steady stream of games released in the launch year.

I am glad to see Switch getting third-party support from major publishers, but we will have to wait and see if this is a continuing trend. For many various reasons such as hardware limitations to online functionality, many players have chosen in the past not to play third party games on Nintendo consoles. The Switch is much more similar to PlayStation and Xbox, but it still is to be seen if major third-party publishers can succeed.

The support from indie games is what is most critical and Nintendo has that on lockdown. Every indie developer I talk to is already talking to Nintendo to discuss potentially bring their titles to the Switch. It makes perfect sense since many of them can take perfect advantage of what the console has to offer. I myself have bought Stardew Valley and Overcooked for my Switch and have enjoyed playing them everywhere.

Unfortunately, the one thing that Nintendo has still yet to fully understand is online functionality. This should have surprised no one but it still disappointing. While I truly empathize that creating a modern online system is no easy task but the fact remains that the Xbox 360 from two generations ago does some online features better than the Switch. When online connectivity is so established in our daily lives it is something you should get right.

Though maybe the Switch doesn’t need to have a robust online system. Most of their games work fine as single-player or local multiplayer.  How this will affect their online service when they finally launch it remains to be seen though. We probably won’t be seeing too many games of service on the Switch compared to the PS4 and Xbox One which is probably fine given the audience.

This online strategy while very family friendly isn’t the most enticing to developers that require reliable online functionality. Many online games that can be ported to Switch might perform at a severely reduced performance. For online games where every frame and second matters that can break the experience driving away many online gamers. Developers will be very wary of ports that might hurt the brand of the game.

Those concerns pale to what was by most measures an amazing launch of the Switch. The hardware of the Switch itself is amazing and many developers have been to create amazing games for the platform. The high quality of games that you can play on the go make it a really unique experience.  

Personally, I don’t care about online for Nintendo games. Unless their online service has cloud saving I probably won’t be paying for their online service.  Most Nintendo games that I play are single-player and local multiplayer. In general, I find myself playing mostly only online games on my PC. Though since I am afraid of getting my Switch stolen and losing my saved file I would gladly pay for that.

What I am most excited for though is the ability to play older games released on previous Nintendo consoles.  From games that I never got to play such as Zelda Wind Waker to games I probably still know most of the secrets to like Super Mario World. So please release your virtual console Nintendo!

When We Will See $199 Consoles

I got my question answered by Michael Pachter on Pachter Factor a show on SIFTED. I have always enjoyed Michael Pachter's opinions on the business side of the gaming industry even when I disagreed with him or thought he was flat out wrong. He is someone I have gotten to meet in person and can be incredibly nice. So thank you Mr. Pachter and I hope I see you again in the future.   

The question I asked was when he thought that this generation of gaming consoles would go to $199. Shane has a habit of changing my question to make it fit the format of the show. My original question was who would first cut the price to $199 including Nintendo. Though I understand it would be very unlikely to have been Nintendo especially given how successful the Switch was.

I ask this question because Microsoft could afford to cut the price first if they cared about gaining market share but Sony has shown to care about it more.  At $199 even PlayStation would see a significant increase in PlayStation sales which would lead to even more software sales which are where they make more of their money anyway. Though they could see good PlayStation sales even without lowering revenue given their current market position.

Microsoft on the other hand probably is perfectly fine with being behind Sony since they still make a ton of money. While they would like to have more market share they probably are more focused on maximizing profits out of their Xbox division. Make no mistake they will still try to create an amazing gaming experience but for their existing Xbox fans. With the focus, they had on the Xbox One X this E3 they want you to know they are about the hardcore gamers.

I also wonder when the Nintendo Switch will see that price drop. Nintendo is known to never sell their console at a loss plus the Switch is selling extremely well. The Switch is an amazing piece hardware, but it is made of commodity components parts so it will only be a matter of time before they can make a profit at even $199. At that price though I can’t even fathom how many units Nintendo would be able to sell given how popular the device already is.

I believe all of them will get a price cut to $199 but who knows for how long they will be at that price before the consoles themselves get discontinued. Xbox 360 had a base price of $199 for a solid couple years. With this console generation looking to be just as long if not longer, we could see a price base price for the basic model of consoles at $199. If that happens it just means more gamers buying games and industry thriving because of it.    

When and what the next generation of consoles will look like deserves a whole conversation dedicated just to that itself. PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X have changed the console generation by adding more life. Who knows what the true next generation of consoles will bring to gaming.

Exploring Tokyo In Persona 5 and Reality

I had no idea Persona 5 recreated Tokyo and all its unique district so well. I have only seen the major districts like Shibuya and Shinjuku through shows and films. I couldn't imagine that playing Persona 5 and going to Tokyo this year would be such a parallel experience. I am so lucky I got to play Persona 5 and go to Japan this year.

When I first started playing Persona 5 I did not realize how close all the different districts off of their real-life counterparts. I just cared about hanging out with my friends in the spots I thought would increase our social ranks. Atlus purposely picked spots that were unique and distinct.

All the different hubs you can visit in Persona 5 capture the characteristics of each different district perfectly. Whenever I actually went to the real-life district I recognized it instantly because specific features the game put in to make it memorable.

My experience playing Persona 5 and traveling to Japan was enhanced because I was in the middle of playing it. I played just enough where when I did pass through certain districts I was reminded of my character increasing his social ranks.  When I got back I felt like I was back in Tokyo especially when a discovered a new place in Persona  

I am so glad my friend was getting married and that we decided to go to Japan to check out Tokyo and Osaka for his bachelors. My friends had been before so I was the only one that was experiencing this for the first time. It was made that much more special hanging out my closest friends and being reminded of a game that is about building strong friendships.  


Nintendo Switch Concerns and Enthusiasm

We are one week away from the Switch and the coverage is being unleashed into the public. I am fortunate enough to have gotten several hands-on with the Switch. I am super excited for the release of the Switch but I still have some concerns that still haven’t been addressed and we are just one week away.


Third Party Games

The lack of games at launch is not a good sign. I understand wanting to make Zelda the must have game at launch but Nintendo needs to get third parties on board. Unlike Sony and Microsoft, they have gone a whole generation with lackluster third party support and have to prove to those developers that the Switch is a console worth investing the resources in.

Nintendo has always taken their time to release games because they care about creating high-quality games which to their credit they deliver on. I have no doubt this will continue but Nintendo can’t be the only ones making successful games on the console and will need other games to fill in the gap between those big Nintendo releases.  

Though let’s be clear Nintendo shouldn’t be chasing after all 3rd party games that are on other consoles like Call of Duty or Destiny. They need to be going after games that take advantage of the hardware of the Switch, games that are great on the go and with friends next to you.

Online Functionality

Nintendo has never had a history of showing gamers that they understand how to do online ever. The fact there are still so many questions about what the online services will be able to do does not have me encouraged. Many basic things that we expect from playing online Nintendo hasn’t able to implement even during the Wii U.

I understand that Nintendo wants to be careful with online since they do have a segment of their audience that is extremely young. They want to be a family friendly console and that's totally fine but there are a better ways of doing it. Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app was an absolutely ingenious and perfect example of a unique Nintendo solution. 

Granted much of the concerns are over issues that Nintendo is probably working on right now. It just seems that the system is being released before it is ready. Consoles get released before all the features are done all the time but many of the online features we are expecting from the Switch were done on other consoles two generations ago. 


With all that said I want to end on a more optimistic thought. Honestly, I am totally excited for the release of the Switch as someone that grew up with NES and SNES. Even if the business side of me is worried for Nintendo, I know all the fanboys like me will be getting a Switch just so we can play our favorite games. With that let’s talk a little about why the Switch at launch will be amazing.

First Party Games

While the current lack of third party games might worry some most of us are getting the Switch to play Nintendo games and we already start the gate with Zelda. I have played Zelda for a bit already and know everyone that loved Zelda will love this game too without a doubt.

I am not holding Nintendo on their word that their games will be released when they say it will because delays are all too common with all developers. No problem though since Nintendo is known for their high polished games and they should take as much time as they need. Just look at how many of their older games are still great today.  

Mario looks amazing too and will no doubt meet if not exceed expectations. Nintendo has always had an amazing line-up of first party titles and nothing gives me a reason to suspect otherwise given their spectacular track record.  Nintendo has rightfully earned their reputation to deliver on exclusive first party games.


The power of the Nintendo Switch is powerful enough to play all the games we would want out of Nintendo. They have never been known for having the most powerful console and the Switch isn’t going to change that. As long as games with great design can look beautiful like Zelda Breath of the Wild then it is as powerful as it needs to be.

While the details of the specs aren’t fully known what we do know is that Skyrim is being developed to function on the Switch. That means that any game that should be on the Switch can be on the Switch. The question is will developers spend the resources to make a proper port to the system is to 

There will be many developers that will be waiting to see if the system is worth the investment but many will love to develop for the Switch because of its unique feature that no other gaming platform has. Many games out there would be great to play on the go and at home with friends.  


The ability to play the games as you normally would at home and on the go is going to be the defining feature of this system. So many games are great both at home and on the go. The Switch was designed from the ground up so those games that have a place wherever you are. 

It's not just gaming anywhere but gaming anywhere with friends as to why this system will be an amazing. So many times we want to show our friends an amazing local multiplayer game but can’t because transporting a console and especially a PC is such a pain in the ass. With the Switch, so many games that we love to share the fun with friends will be possible all the time. 

Switching from Handheld Mode to TV Mode is extremely intuitive and simple. Nintendo has again brought simplicity to a relatively new concept for games. This dock itself is a simple design that encourages one to switch between the different modes. One can only hope that great game franchise from other handheld systems makes it to the Switch.    

Final Thought

I am excited about the Switch but also really want my concerns with the system to be addressed for all fans like me. Nintendo has produced some of the best game franchises the world has ever known and they deserve to be on gaming platforms that are worthy of them.   

E3 Open to the Public

E3 will be open to the public this year so they can adapt to thrive in a changing reality. The industry has changed and a need for what E3 used to be when it first started has changed with it.  There are many legitimate concerns about opening E3 to the public and if this is the right direction for the ESA.

My first E3 was in 2015 so I am not bothered by the public joining. I will still be able to meet with who I need to see. Lines to some of the games that I want to play for my personal enjoyment will be much longer but they were already bad. I could tell a lot of non-industry folks were getting into E3 anyways.

Professional veterans in the industry will continue to have to make appointments and meet in private secluded areas. I can’t imagine much business is done in the public areas these days. Most people have most of their week already planned out with who they have to meet so I can’t imagine it changing too much for them even with more of the public in attendance.

My biggest concern I have is for all the people that have to work the show floor. The show floor is the one area that is going to be most impacted by this decision. For anyone that has to work E3 organizing all the small moving pieces will no doubt be even more stressed out when you have to account for all those extra people.

Influencers and media that are still growing will probably be hurt too since the limited business that could be done will be even more difficult. Especially if they need to get time with the publishers and developers that have smaller booths since they themselves could never fit many appointments. Going into E3 not knowing anyone in the industry beforehand will be an unproductive time.  

The value of bringing passionate fans shouldn’t be dismissed. There is a reason why so many video games companies find events such as PAX and Gamescom a rewarding investment. While I am not saying E3 should become more public like them I do see merit in bringing in more of the public to E3.

I don’t know what E3 needs to do to adapt to this changing industry. So many publishers have so many different reasons for choosing not to attend. The ESA will be going through some growing pains as they figure out what they need to do but as long as gamers continue to be excited about all the announcements during E3 and those working it can spread that excitement then everything will be fine.

What I do know is that I love going to E3 and I want everyone that has something to amazing to show to be rewarded for their efforts.  Whatever E3 has to do to make it a valuable experience for everyone I am all for.